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Inside ZILA'S whimsical ROOM

Meet Amanda - mother to gorgeous Zila, photographer, stylist and the lady behind the Happi Wanderers instagram account. In this interview, Amanda invites us into the magical space she's created for Zila and shares her expert advice for how to create a beautiful little bedroom for yourself.

1. What's the inspiration behind Zila's room?
Whenever I’m styling Zila’s bedroom I want it to be a calm and inviting space for her to feel safe in and sleep well in. Styling magical, soft and light coloured pieces in her room creates this environment.

2. What's your advice for balancing style and practicality in a little bedroom? 
I always start with the practical elements to the room first. I then consider the age of my child and make sure the positioning of the pieces are styled in a safe way. I’m certainly a ‘less is more’ person when it comes to styling so like to focus on a few key ‘feature’ pieces in a room at a time and not over crowd. I believe this creates a more inviting space, room for the imagination and shows off the feature styling products as the focus.

3. What tips do you have for mums wanting to decorate their little one's room?
1. Create a mood board!
2. Start with the large items first and then start adding in the smaller pieces
3. Incorporate some of your child’s fav interests to help set the vibe of room
4. Trust yourself 🤍

4. What does the Little Teekies tent signify in the space?
It signifies her special place… it brings a little comfort nook to her room for her to tuck herself away into. I love that it’s also a great size to share with friends or our family story times.

5. What's your favourite thing about it?
That Michela has designed this tent with such attention to detail! From the tiny stars, wooden poles, luxurious cotton, tassels and included travel bags she really hasn’t taken a single short-cut. I can see this tent becoming a family heirloom with memories made for generations ✨

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